How To Get Your San Diego Home Holiday Ready

December 02, 2017

Chirstmas Time In San Diego Homes For Sale

For some there is always that moment ever year after October 31st when our heart sinks knowing what is coming – The holiday season. As if we don’t have enough to already do on a good day, the holiday season adds gift buying, fancy meal preparation, holiday party going, attending school concerts, making New Year’s Eve arrangements, and more. Times that above stress by 15 if you have children.

To Do List San Diego Homes For Sale

Make a List

Start a list of everything you need to do from now until December 31st. Write it all down because if you don’t, you’re going to forget. It needs to be on one sheet of paper, which you can lay next to your calendar. Write each task from your list in day by day when you think you can accomplish them. If you have a plan you will feel under control and not under fire.

San Diego homes For Sale Just Say No

Decide When To Say No 

Be choosy when agreeing to attend holiday parties and taking on extra work or school commitments. You know yourself best and how much you can handle and your current mental state. Trust me, nobody cares if you volunteer in the school library or not because most people are focused on themselves.

San Diego House Cleaning San Diego Houses For Sale

Start Cleaning and Purging 

Who doesn’t like cleaning? Before you think about decorating for the holidays, take a couple of hours and ensure that you have a clean slate to start from! Let go of anything you need to get rid of, clean your home and go through any stacks of papers on your desk. The holidays are a busy time, which means you just do not have a lot of time to clean. It’s okay! Clean what you can, let the rest go, and then schedule deep cleanings for after the New Year. This will make your whole holiday season go more smoothly if you do this now!

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Work on Home Maintenance

After you purge and clean and decorate your home, you can still do other things to truly prepare your home for the holidays. work on fall yard work, cleaning out the gutters, fixing anything still hanging around that needs repairs, ensure your interior and exterior is ready to go before the craziness of the holidays hit!

Chirstmas Time In San Diego Homes For Sale

Decorate Your Home

Grab your totes from the garage or closet and decorate your home for the holidays. Most people prefer to go straight from Halloween into Christmas decorations, but others like to squeeze Thanksgiving and Fall decorations in between. You know yourself better than anyone, decorate as early in the season as you feel comfortable decorating.  Some people, their Christmas tree goes up Christmas Eve and it never feels quite the same. While others would rather have it up a bit early than late.

San Diego Home Planning San Diego Homebuying

Prepare Early

Whether you are preparing for the holidays, preparing for guests or preparing for a holiday party the most important thing is to start early.  Things will always take longer than you anticipate, so if you start preparations early, you will not be stressed out or putting up the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve (unless that’s how you roll!). If you have a dedicated guest bedroom, be sure the bed is made with fresh linens now and ensure that room is ready to go.  This will make your life easier than

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A Home That Smells Good, Feels Good

While you are taking care of cleaning your home and any maintenance that needs to be done, make sure your home smells good too! My wife must secretly have stock shares in Bath & Body Works, because we are keeping them in business. With all joking aside, she taught me that a home that smells good, is a home that feels good. It is such a simple thing, but it makes a huge difference having a good smelling home this time of year!