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Sandy and I were executors for our Brother-in-Law’s estate and needed to sell the house in 7 Oaks, Rancho Bernardo. We did not know the neighborhood too well and asked a neighbor for a referral to a realtor. She provided two, one of whom was Jeremy. We talked to both of them as well as another we found online. We were very pleased with Jeremy’s detailed description of the process and retained his services. He provided an accurate road map and stressed heavily that we should make all disclosures well in advance of listing so that no unexpected glitches would come up. He also advised us as we prepared the house for showing, suggesting things to do as well as things that were less important.
His advice was spot on and we spent a reasonable amount rather than the large amount we initially had considered.

Jeremy was also considerate of our time and did not rush us in spite of a long-planned vacation we took shortly after retaining him. After we returned and finalized the work on the house everything went as smooth as silk. We listed the house for a reasonable amount and Jeremy held two open houses, one on a rainy day before Super Bowl but was able to attract decent attendance.

There were seven offers in a couple of days. Five were flippers but two were solid offers.
Jeremy assessed the pros and cons of each offer but did not push us one way or the other.
After brief competition between those two buyers we settled on an offer modestly higher than our asking price and a week after listing were in escrow. And Jeremy was there for the entire twenty five day escrow to guide us through the complexities of documentation.
Jeremy was wonderful. His attention to detail in the early stages ensured a quick and hassle-free experience. He is now on speed dial as we contemplate making changes in our own living arrangements.

Happy RB Home Sellers

Cleve H.

Rancho Bernardo - 03/28/2024

Jeremy is your guy if you are looking for not only a realtor to have your best interests in mind, but someone who is willing and able to get the deal done.

His communication and follow through are spot on. Jeremy treats you like family. I would love to work with Jeremy again if ever needed.

I can’t recommend Jeremy enough. I feel like I gained a friend. I feel so blessed to have had Jeremy by my side throughout this process.

Happy San Marcos Home Owner

Cheryl D.

San Marcos - 08/23/2023

If you’re looking for an honest and competent realtor look no further than Jeremy Root. Jeremy is an excellent realtor and a pleasure to work with. He talked me through every step of the process and kept me informed and educated throughout.

Answered all my questions with patience even if it was the 5th time I asked the same question! He was always looking out for my best interests, even if they weren’t the best for his bottom line. He showed me all properties I asked to see, far and wide, as I had no one area I was tied to.

No pressure policy and was always of the mentality of “I’ll do what you are comfortable with.” He genuinely wants to help people get what they are looking for and be happy with their decisions at the end of the day.

Melissa C.

Ramona - 01/02/2023

We have worked with Jeremy for about two years, and finally, in September 2022, we purchased our first home. In that two years, almost every week or so, we went to see houses on the weekend. I was very picky, but Jeremy had so much patience that he was determined to help me find the right home for as long as it took. We saw many houses with odd layouts. These houses had garage access through a bedroom, had no bathroom in the master bedroom, had a bedroom door opened into a living room, had a tiny space for a refrigerator, or had uneven flooring materials, etc. Other houses were in bad areas, such as next to a freeway or under a bustling flight path. There were many more weird houses that we skipped. However, we made many offers, most of which went up in price in the bidding war. My wife and I felt terrible that we had wasted Jeremy’s time.

However, Jeremy never wanted to give up, and he was always happy to tour another house and adapt to our requirements. He gave us advice and followed up with us, but he was never pushy. For every house we were interested in, Jeremy always went the extra mile to send us a detailed property report, not shown in the MLS, and called the seller’s agent to ask about the roof, plumbing, condition, etc. Not all real estate agents would do that. They said the home inspection and title report would have all the answers. We were lucky to find this home in the area we like to live, and it met all our requirements. Jeremy negotiated with the seller’s agent to get us a $4,300 credit and an extra $300 afterward. We were thrilled with Jeremy’s work and assistance in purchasing this home. We hope Jeremy will continue to help other home buyers as much as he did for us. We highly recommend Jeremy to anyone looking for the next home purchase.

Happy Serra Mesa Home Owners

Andrew L.

Serra Mesa - 11/18/2022

Thank you Jeremy Root for your savvy negotiating and communicating skills. You were able to help me make the right decisions that I was comfortable and confident with. The fact that our relationship was based on friendship first and client/agent second. I was more confident with speaking my mind and as expected you understood my expectations and goals. In the end, we were able to sell the property over the listing price!!!

Jeremy is more than just a professional real estate agent extraordinaire. I first met him at the Miramar College tennis courts. My first impression was wow. He is much quicker and faster than he appears. He was able to chase down and return my near impossible hits with control and determination of a man that won’t stop. From that day forward I told myself, “Jeremy is the man that I want on my team!!!” I had the most fun, competitive, and inspiring sets when we were doubles partners. We may not have won every set, but I did learn that Jeremy would never lose hope. Even when there was a tiny glimmer of hope left, he always knew that we had a chance to pull off an epic comeback. Which we did a number of times. One night I had talked to Jeremy about a rental property that I was thinking about selling. At the time I wasn’t ready to sell. But years later, in December 2021, Jeremy and I took the lessons we learned about each other on the tennis court to the real estate game with the same hope, patience, and determination!!!

Starbucks was our war room, we spent hours discussing and planning the best strategies. Within a few days we received a number of offers. One of the offers was over asking price but we didn’t accept it due to an unforeseen situation, we had to put the listing on pause. After taking care of some business, the property was back on the market in February 2022. Boy!! Were we glad that we waited. With Jeremy’s brilliant marketing campaign, we had generated over 100 showings the first weekend!!! Days later it was back to the war room because we had received over 50 offers!!! Jeremy broke down the offers and we went though each one carefully, honestly, and fairly. There were some hiccups but finally the buyer that agreed to the price and terms made the offer to confidently enter into a 15 day escrow. We were able to close on time.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a tennis partner, Jeremy is there to smash some balls with you! Also, if you’re looking for a friend, Jeremy won’t hesitate to be there for you! Lastly, if you’re looking to buy or sell a home, JEREMY ROOT is the agent that will make your real estate investment dreams come true!

Happy Jeremy Root Realtor Clients

Binh C.

City Heights - 04/20/2022

I met Jeremy several years ago, he had left a pamphlet at the door of my house with all of these fun events for our local area and his real estate information which I thought was really neat. I reached out to him to thank him for always doing that on a monthly basis and we kept in touch since that time. When I had to unexpectedly move out during the pandemic he was the first person I thought of that I’d want to work with.

After sending him my ‘I’m serious to buy now’ message it was quite the journey right after. It didn’t even take me a month to find exactly what I needed for me and my 2 kids. He was all in, updating me with every change.

In all honesty he’s one of the best people you can choose to work with. He doesn’t beat around the bush, he’s patient, he’s honest, he’s very attentive and he’s very aggressive with the home buying process. At one point I joked and told him ‘I feel like you’re my therapist through all of this’ because he helped me with more than just understanding the steps of buying a home, he made me aware and helped me through every emotional phase.

You cannot go wrong with picking Jeremy, thank you again for all of your hard work in finding me and my 2 kids the perfect start home. Nothing but love for you!

Jeremy Root Realtor Escondido Client

Elizabeth R.

Escondido - 01/14/2022

Jeremy will not just be your agent, he will also be your friend. Right from the beginning, you will understand that Jeremy is on YOUR team. He makes sure to look out for his clients and ensure they are taken care of throughout the entire process of searching, offering, and escrow. It’s very clear that Jeremy knows what he’s doing and is making all the right moves to get his client what they want. Even through the painful process of finding your home, Jeremy is going to get you to your finish line – no matter what that finish line looks like.

My favorite part about working with Jeremy is that he’s much more “real” than what you imagine an agent really is. I will admit I don’t have the best opinion of agents, especially when visiting open houses, but Jeremy is not like the others. He’s much more down to earth and in touch with reality. He doesn’t show up to every open house in a suit and Oakleys putting on the air that he’s some big shot or anything like that. Unlike the mass amount of robotic hot heads in real estate, Jeremy keeps it real and it’s much appreciated. It makes conversations, interactions, and everything just so much more enjoyable. If you’re like me and hate talking to car salesmen and want to avoid the same sorts of interaction with slimy agents, you’ll love working with Jeremy because you’ll get none of that.

Jeremy is also able to mobilize at a moment’s notice. In the current market, some homes don’t last more than one day before accepting an offer. If you have an agent that doesn’t make time for you and isn’t on your team, you may miss your window to see the home and make an offer. But not with Jeremy. There were days during the 6 months in which we were at a home viewing it within 15 minutes of finding the listing. This sort of dedication is worth its weight in gold and will be the difference maker in getting you the home you want.

Working with Jeremy was an absolute pleasure and even after searching for 6 months and putting in 15 offers, I would happily do it all again knowing Jeremy will be on my team.

Jeremy Root Realtor Clairemont Client

Brett K.

Clairemont - 03/26/2022

We used Jeremy to sell our first home, and had a great experience. If there is one word to describe Jeremy’s approach to real estate it would be “proactive”. Jeremy had his eye on the ball throughout the entire process of selling our home.

We felt like we could trust Jeremy and not worry about the details ourselves. The second quality I really appreciated about Jeremy is that he does not come across as an agent who is just out to get his next deal. It was evident from our dealings that Jeremy was intent on making sure he was truly helping us reach our goals. In short, working with

Jeremy is more like working with a friend than a business partner. When dealing with something as personal as your home, that really matters.

Happy Jeremy Root Realtor Clients SOLD Condo

Drew O.

Mira Mesa - 09/04/2020

We were incredibly pleased with Jeremy as our real estate agent for the sale of our home. If though the house was outside of his usual focus, he was knowledge, professional, attentive, and represented us well throughout the process.

I know he worked very hard to protect us and keep us informed throughout the sale. Shortly after listing our home, we were in escrow, and we had a very smooth escrow and our house sold well above what we were expecting. Jeremy not only helped us successful sell our home, but he also made the whole process fun. We will definitely be utilizing his professional services again!

Jeremy Root Realtor Moreno Valley Client

Philip C.

Moreno Valley - 12/03/2021

If you ever need a realtor, Jeremy Root is the absolute BEST. He is not only one of the most genuinely honest and nice people in the world, he is also the best realtor anyone could ask for.

He made a very long and stressful process of selling and leaving our family home an adventure we will never forget🙂 My favorite thing about Jeremy was he ALWAYS kept in touch and kept us informed about what was happening along the process.

He answered all our questions and even if he didn’t have an immediate answer, he kept us informed and followed through. His associates at Windermere were also very professional, efficient, friendly and made the paperwork part of the process extremely easy. Thank you for everything

Jeremy Root Mira Mesa Clients House Sold

Mitchell H.

Mira Mesa - 05/08/2021

I’ll start by saying that you want Jeremy on your side. Don’t bother wasting any more time deciding on another realtor, you’ve found San Diego’s best!

Jeremy helped my husband and I buy our first house. He was on our side from the start and we couldn’t be happier with his work. He is the kindest, most patient realtor you will find. He made sure everything got done when it needed to and walked us through the whole process. He honestly cares about his clients and was our guard dog when someone else wasn’t doing their part. He answered all of our questions at all hours, day and night. We received status updates and checks throughout the whole buying process.

As soon as anything happened or changed, we would hear about it from him even before we got the emails from the other parties. We appreciate everything Jeremy did for us and will absolutely be working with him again on our next home purchase!

Scripps Ranch 92131 First Time Home Buyers

Abby Z.

Scripps Ranch - 08/10/2021

We could not have found a better realtor than Jeremy Root. His knowledge, and his patience over the the 10 months it took to find and buy a home was invaluable.

He made sure every question was answered and was relentless getting answers and results from sellers and their listing agent. He performed as if he was buying the house himself and that our money was his money.

More than once his knowledge of the real estate contract help to insure out requests and interests were satisfied.

Menfiee First Time Homebuyer

Michael M.

Menifee - 04/17/2021

We just moved into our new home yesterday and it’s all thanks to this great man, Jeremy Root! It’s difficult to put into words the fantastic job that Jeremy did these past few months. He was attentive and professional, honest, ethical, and extremely knowledgeable.

After we resumed our home search, post-COVID, Jeremy picked right back up where we left off. After about two dozen tours, multiple offers, counter offers, rejections, negotiations… we finally closed on the most amazing home; the home of our dreams! Honestly, we would not be in our new home without Mr. Root’s attention to detail, hard work and eagerness to get the job done.

Please, if you are looking to buy or sell your home in San Diego, give “your boy Root” a call, you will not regret it!

Happy College Area San Diego Clients

Richard B.

College Area - 06/25/2021

Jeremy is extremely knowledgeable in buying and selling homes for his clients. His clients satisfaction is his top priority.

You will be in very good hands with Jeremy if you are looking to buy or sell your home!

San Diego Title Companies

Carol Z.

Senor Title Sales Executive - 05/31/2022

Jeremy is a great real estate agent. He recently represented a buyer that I had done the pre-approval for.

Jeremy and the buyer submitted many offer before getting one accepted. Jeremy was super patient on getting the borrower’s offer accepted and in the end, they got a great deal.

I highly recommend working with Jeremy!

San Diego Mortgage Companies

Scott D.

Loan Officer - 03/30/2022

I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy as a partner on a transaction where he was the listing agent and handling that side of the transaction. As a lender in the transaction, we are all looking for the same end result and that is to have a win-win transaction that closes on time and is managed very thoroughly so there is no hassle or stress. Jeremy handled the transaction masterfully even with a large amount of offers that were being placed but the thing that stood out (and if you are playing in this market you will know why this is so important) was Jeremy’s attitude and responsiveness.

He was a joy to work with, was very transparent about what he needed and when he needed it by while also responding within very quick time frames so the buying party and our team on the lending side could get what we needed done with no lag in time. We were able to get everything done in record time as a team effort and I know every party to the transaction was satisfied! I am excited to see Jeremy on more transactions to work with him as the listing agent because he truly knows what he is doing.

As a consumer, hiring the right agent to represent you in your sale is a huge necessity, and you cannot go wrong with representation from Jeremy and his team. If you are thinking of listing and need a solid team to work with you to get the best end result, you need to give Jeremy a call!


North County San Diego Lenders

Akshay P.

Mortgage Planner - 04/19/2022

Jeremy Root is a very responsive, intelligent and thorough realtor who fights for his clients! I am a realtor myself who represented a buyer against Jeremy and his seller, he is by far one of the top agents I have met in the field.

He was always respectful, firm with his conduct and kept true to his clients best interest! Definitely earned my respect!!

Cody S.

Fellow Real Estate Agent - 04/15/2024

If you’re looking for a real estate professional who will truly listen to your needs and be responsive, then Jeremy Root is your Realtor.

Aiming to be your realtor for life, Jeremy doesn’t push his clientele into a home or real estate transaction that isn’t the right fit. Instead, he has the patience to work with individuals and families until the RIGHT home or investment is found.

Working with someone with honor and integrity is more important today than ever, especially when it comes to one of the biggest transactions!

Ally E.

Home Warranty- 10/03/2022

Jeremy is not only a Real Estate Pro, he’s a good person who cares about doing an amazing job for his clients.

He’s got that “client first” approach to his Real Estate business and it’s a real pleasure working with him. Keep up the great work Jeremy!

Steve H.

Title Insurance - 10/25/2022

My Title Insurance team and I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy on a transaction where he represented the buyer.

He was professional and looked out for his client- something you definitely want in a Realtor! We look forward to working with him on more future transactions…

Caroline H.

Title Officer - 10/26/2022

This review is overdue, but Jeremy did a great job with helping on the purchase of a new construction home.

Would highly recommend if you’re thinking about buying or selling. Thanks Jeremy!

Brandon G.

Loan Sales Manager II - 06/22/2022

If you’re looking for a real estate professional who will truly listen to your needs and be responsive, then Jeremy Root is your Realtor.

Aiming to be your realtor for life, Jeremy doesn’t push his clientele into a home or real estate transaction that isn’t the right fit. Instead, he has the patience to work with individuals and families until the RIGHT home or investment is found.

Working with someone with honor and integrity is more important today than ever, especially when it comes to one of the biggest transactions!

Ally E.

Home Warranty- 10/03/2022

I have worked with Jeremy for quite some time on the Title Insurance side of his sale transactions and can recommend him as a professional going above and beyond to help his clients achieve home ownership and sellers get top dollar. He is courteous and knowledgeable of areas all over San Diego. Give Jeremy a call today!

North County San Diego Title Rep

Kim F.

Senior Title Account Manager - 07/07/2022

I’m incredibly happy with Jeremy’s work as my buyer’s agent. He knows the real estate contract inside and out, and was able to thoroughly answer all my questions as a first-time home buyer.

Even in this market, he helped me buy a place with my first ever offer, below asking. He made sure that the sellers responded to all our questions and concerns, and ensured a smooth escrow process. I’ll definitely be recommending his services to anyone I know who’s in the market.

Jeremy Root Realtor Sabre Springs Client

Varun P.

Sabre Springs - 01/15/2022

This real estate agent makes my jaw drop!

Coming into this as a first time home buyer and investor, I must say Jeremy by far exceeded my expectations. I remember when I couldn’t pre-qualify for a loan, but Jeremy with his hero cape on swooped in and provided me with an incredible lending option. Two of Jeremy’s many great qualities is his responsiveness and no pressure attitude. When we were in escrow, we never missed a deadline and had plenty of time and breathing room throughout, taking away pretty much all the stress.

Many real estate agents pressure you to buy so that they can get their commission, but Jeremy is different. He always gives you all of your options and reminds you that you always have the option to walk away, no matter how far in the process. Jeremy has made my first condo purchase dream come true and I am thankful for how he is: honest, trustworthy, and will get you in that home!!!

Mission Valley First Time Real Estate Investory

Michael P.

Mission Valley - 07/14/2020

Jeremy was the best realtor!!

He was extremely patient with our changing “must have” list as we looked at homes, and he was willing to drop everything to see a showing no matter the time of day.

We eventually found the perfect home thanks to his diligence.

Jeremy Root Realtor Clients Allied Gardens

Elisa O.

Allied Gardens - 07/30/2021

Jeremy was the listing agent at an open house that we went to. After striking up a really good conversation, we decided that we wanted him as our buyer’s agent to help us find our home. It was a great decision.

Jeremy led us through the offering process and entire escrow process seamlessly and was always available whenever we had questions or just wanted to talk. He is honest and you don’t get any inkling that he is trying to just ‘make a sale’.

He remembers our conversations and is still in touch even after we closed on our home. He is a great friend and resource.

First Time Homebuyer Clairemont

Naomi C.

Clariemont - 10/09/2019

We worked with Jeremy when buying our first home. He looked in depth into every neighborhood we were interested in and found us our dream home quickly. He then guided us through escrow as seamlessly as possible.

I loved how available he was whenever we had a question. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for an honest and communicative realtor!


First Time Homebuyers Pauma Valley

Kursten C.

Pauma Valley - 06/11/2019

It is a great pleasure of mine to recommend my listing Real Estate Agent, Jeremy Root. The simple fact that he is a man of his word means the world to me. From beginning to end, Jeremy displayed impeccable professionalism. Jeremy was all over it from the time we spoke to the time he got a sign up to getting pictures and video taken and having the home listed in the MLS.

He is very locally knowledgeable having grown up in Poway and his marketing strategy was aggressive and required hard work. One thing that stood out to me as he, himself, took the time to go door-knocking and invited the neighbors to the open house before our open house. Our home had several well attended open houses with dozens of agents and buyer showings.

His dedication and commitment resulted in achieving multiple offers. Jeremy’s negotiation skills really became evident as he successfully negotiated the sale price, resulting in a higher price than we expected.

Jeremy was very knowledgeable, friendly and used remarkable marketing skills – a joy to work with him. He guided us through the escrow seamlessly. We are so glad we picked Jeremy to be our agent. It is an absolute honor for me to recommend Jeremy as your real estate agent concerning selling your home

Poway Home Sold With Mutiple Offers

Jerry M.

Poway - 02/10/2020

Jeremy is a wonderful realtor. He took our list of “must haves” for a home and helped us find a home we needed that was within our budget.

Anytime I needed him he was available to answer my questions and get what we needed done.

He made the stressful process of buying a home as streamlined as possible. Even after the sale when I needed some things he still was there to take care of getting the information I needed. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a home.

Mira Mesa First Time Homebuyer

Bana W.

Mira Mesa - 01/07/2020

Jeremy was great! My husband and I were first time home buyers. Jeremy made us feel very comfortable and confident about in picking the right house for us. We gave him a list of must haves and wants and he came through with options for us right away. 

If I had to choose three words to describe our experience with Jeremy they would be: Thorough,  Knowledgeable and Expeditious.

I would recommend Jeremy Root to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

Escondido First Time Homebuyer

Cheri C.

Escondido - 04/14/2020

What can I say? Jeremy Root is an amazing San Diego real estate agent and a genuine person on top of it. We already live in San Diego, and I asked him about a property for family members moving from out of state. Jeremy immediately, without hesitation, sent us multiple reports about the property, and information about the housing numbers in that zip code AND reached out to the listing agent to see if the complex had any restrictions we needed to know about ahead of time.

This market is terrible, the supply is low and the prices are totally insane. Sometimes it feels like you don’t even know where to begin as a buyer! I felt that Jeremy gave us advice, that helped ensure we didn’t make mistakes out of desperation. Jeremy’s comprehensive knowledge of the San Diego Housing Market and his real estate experience were invaluable. He never used terms that went over our heads, and he explained everything step by step. His “famous” line he kept saying is “You will know in your gut when the home and time are right.”

To say the least, we are extremely happy. It was Jeremy’s above-and-beyond attitude that got us here. Thank you Jeremy!

Mateo A.

Mira Mesa - January 2024

Though we didn’t end up getting a house because we moved out of state, Jeremy was always available to see a place even when the drive was long or early in the morning. I would love to have him as my realtor again!

Victor R.

Ramona - November 2023

I met Jeremy Root by searching for a San Diego North County real estate agent and then reached out to several agents. I wanted someone that returned my calls promptly and was someone I could trust.

Jeremy was the only one who called me back in a timely manner. Once we spoke, I learned that Jeremy would do his homework in advance, he’s never pushy or tries do something that you’re not comfortable with. He really knows the Real Estate market and he’s an active listener to not only his seller but also to the buyer’s agent and buyer’s needs as well. He had a comprehensive plan for the home which really helped, as I was out of state.

His marketing, in order to get maximum exposure, for the home was his highest priority. He held open houses & worked diligently until every aspect of the sale was complete. Jeremy really stood out and I’d recommend him for all of your real estate needs in San Diego.

Xavier C.

Scripps Ranch - October 2023
Finding someone who isn’t driven by the all mighty dollar is sometimes hard to find. Someone who is genuine and has his clients in his best interest. Plenty of agents out there to pick from. Jeremy has gone to bat for me and helped out without making any money.
Jeremy is diligent and worked hard for us to close escrow on time. I called on multiple occasions in the evening. He made himself available or called me back in a short amount of time. If he didn’t have the answer or things weren’t clear he took initiative to find the answer. I would recommend Jeremy to my family for a real estate agent. Thank you Jeremy for making me feel as if I was your only client.
That’s the type of guy I want to do business with. The care, safety and concern of his clients comes before anything. Because if they aren’t happy. Then that word of mouth spreads really quickly. Thanks Jeremy for being honest and a straight shooter.

He tells it like it is. Which is why I respect him. Thanks Jeremy!

Brandon S.

San Marcos - April 2023

Jeremy is a real one, the moment I met him I knew I could count on him. He’s such a down to earth person, which makes it easy to work with.

He went above an beyond any requests I had and was consistent and communicative through the whole process. Grateful to have run into you. You made a positive impact on my life. Keep it up! This is your guy right here.

Amber C.

Point Loma - June 2023

Jeremy helped us sell a Poway home in April of 2020. 

He was professional, a good listener to our needs and wants, delicate in his approach with us when we have differing views on how to proceed, willing to compromise and a variety of issues and very understanding in how to handle some difficult issues during escrow. He’s also very ethical and a straight shooter. 

He did an awesome job in marketing our property and making us feel important. After only one open house weekend, he secured 5 offers and we accepted one for $5K over asking with a 21-day escrow. When things got difficult in the late stages of escrow, he did a great job mediating the relative difficult personalities and emotions with our side (the seller) and with the buyer and buyer’s agent.  

Overall, he did great. My wife and I highly recommend to anyone needing a realtor to buy or sell a home. You will be very happy with his service.


Dave G.

Poway - April 2020

Jeremy is the best! Hardworking and super responsive! Pleasure to deal with! Recommend him to anyone!

Danesh D.

La Jolla - July 2022

Jeremy has been a long time friend and has helped me with looking at properties not even in this state.

His knowledge of the process of buying a home and explanation of things like closing costs and escrow was a great help to the home buying process.

Dan S.

North Clariemont - April 2022

Absolutely wonderful experience working with Jeremy. He is attentive, kind, & really knowledgeable. I highly recommend Jeremy for your real estate needs!

Diega M.

La Mesa - November 2019

Jeremy is by far the best realtor in the San Diego area. He is extremely knowledgeable and very detailed oriented in all aspects of his work.

That combined with being approachable, friendly, and incredibly driven make him the only choice for home buyers and sellers!

James E.

Serra Mesa - October 2020

My husband and I had such a great experience working with Jeremy. We met him at an open house, right before the shelter-in-place orders were set in San Diego county. He was so informative and helpful during that first interaction that we knew he was our guy to help us find a home in San Diego.

Jeremy helped us navigate an unprecedented situation – looking for a home during the COVID-19 pandemic – while thoroughly explaining the process and giving us tips he has learned over the years.

As first-time homebuyers, we appreciated his robust experience and knowledge of the area both as a San Diego county native and experienced Real Estate agent. Highly competent, motivated, and responsive to the needs of his clients. We highly recommend Jeremy

Maggie W.

North Park - June 2020

Jeremy was very professional and always available to help. He also was extremely flexible and he never made me feel rushed in this whole process. Definitely recommend.

Mihai P.

San Diego- March 2021

I am not ready yet to invest, but Mr. Jeremy Root took a great deal of time to answer my questions like a friend even when he knew there was no business for him. He took the time and gave me answers that made sense in a way I understood.

I highly recommend Mr. Root for any real estate questions or help you may have.

Sam A.

San Diego - May 2018

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jeremy, and I must say that the experience exceeded all my expectations. From the very beginning, Jeremy’s professionalism, knowledge, and dedication were evident.

First and foremost, Jeremy’s expertise in the real estate market is unparalleled. He possesses an in-depth understanding of the local market trends, property values, and neighborhoods, which proved invaluable during my search for the perfect home. His guidance and advice were spot-on, and I truly felt like I had an expert by my side every step of the way.

What impressed me the most about Jeremy was his unwavering commitment to my satisfaction. He took the time to listen attentively to my preferences, needs, and budget, ensuring that he presented me with suitable options. Jeremy was patient, understanding, and always available to answer my questions promptly. His exceptional communication skills fostered a sense of trust and transparency throughout the entire process.

Jeremy’s negotiation skills are second to none. He went above and beyond to negotiate a fair price for the property I eventually purchased. His attention to detail and ability to identify potential pitfalls saved me both time and money. I truly felt that Jeremy had my best interests at heart and was fighting for the best possible outcome on my behalf.

In addition to his professionalism and expertise, Jeremy’s friendly and personable nature made the entire experience enjoyable. He was genuinely invested in finding me a home that met my unique needs and lifestyle. Even after the deal was closed, Jeremy continued to follow up and provide valuable resources and recommendations for home improvement professionals, which demonstrated his commitment to long-term client satisfaction.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jeremy as a realtor. He exemplifies the highest standards of excellence in the industry and is truly a cut above the rest. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, Jeremy’s dedication, expertise, and exceptional service will undoubtedly make your real estate journey a success. Thank you, Jeremy, for helping me find my dream home!

Michael F.

San Diego - July 2023

I’ve worked with Jeremy a few times over the years and can affirm that he is the best in the business. His knowledge of the local market and his professionalism are second to none.

Jeremy is very responsive and will take the time to educate you on the whole buying process. If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t consult Jeremy first

Jason C.

Scripps Ranch - April 2019

Jeremy a genuinely a great person, very knowledgeable about the different types of loans that are available to home buyers, he is a nice positive and hardworking person. We have actually spoken multiple times about real estate, our options, and this guy knows his stuff! 

We are considering buying a home in the Mira Mesa, Clairemont area or somewhere our kids can be closer to school. It took the time to sit down and show us multiple options. He is the first person I would suggest speaking to, and I would highly recommend Mr. Root !!!

Siliva J.

Mira Mesa - July 2018

Jeremy is fantastic at listening and at doing his best to get you where you want to be.

He is truly the most gifted negotiator that I know and will do everything in his power to get you the best deal possible.

Hope H.

San Marcos - December 2017

Jeremy is a fantastic realtor! Very knowledgeable and walked us through the whole process.

It’s a sellers market right now and he’s a fighter whether you are selling or buying! Highly recommend.

Jeremy Root makes it happen If you are looking to buy, sell, or just see what you can qualify to buy he’s your guy.

Highly recommend.

Jeff H.

Poway - April 2018
Jeremy is a truly gifted friend that has the ability to bring a positive mood to every environment.  Jeremy’s uplifting spirit has often turned my darkest or dullest moments into life growing adventures that I would not have otherwise advanced from.
Jeremy’s simple yet eloquent conversation skills are unbelievably helpful.
When Jeremy talks to you, he brings a wisdom to you to perceive difficult problems by simply talking and listening to you at a level others cannot. Jeremy’s honesty and openness allow for an arena of easy communication where trusted information is both given and received.

Matthew C.

Rancho Bernardo - January 2017

Jeremy Root is a person of honesty and integrity. He is very detail originated and has great follow through. I highly recommend him.

Nanci G.

Rancho Bernardo - April 2018

Jeremy Root is exactly what we were looking for! My mom was having some trouble selling her place in La Mesa and clearly our trust in real estate agents isn’t very high at the moment, but a friend referred us to him and we found him very friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

Jeremy you rock man! Now I will be the one referring you out to my friends. Thanks man!

Dennis Y.

La Mesa - April 2018

Jeremy ‘s goal is and will always be to provide the highest quality of service. The proof of that is when his own clients proved him testimonials in agreement. Jeremy is truly humbled and honored to have been reviewed and worked with people he now considers family.

Homes For Sale San Diego And A Thank You

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best – ‘Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve.’

This is how I choose to live my life. ”  – Jeremy

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